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“Yoga is NOT just an activity, it’s a LIFESTYLE.”

  • With that mantra, we bring to you Raksha Yog. Yoga Classes in Indore to help achieve the holistic wellness that you seek for a happy, healthy, and long life.                                                       
  • Yoga has been an age-old practice in our land. It’s a rich, ancient heritage that has been practiced and followed for as long as we can remember. Initially mentioned in the Rig Veda, the practice was begun by the Rishis and Sadhus of that time as they performed the religious rituals, chants, and mantras. Yoga kept passing on to the generations ever since then and has been an integral part of their life for many.                                    
  • Whoever has ever practiced Yoga has experienced the miraculous effects it has for the body, health, and fitness. Over the years, Yoga has evolved and made its mark all over the world. It’s no longer just a practice of the Indian culture. Fitness enthusiasts and trainers around the world have vouched for the miraculous and wonderful benefits that practicing Yoga can bring about.                                                                                    
  • This simple yet powerful discipline can make you achieve so much, not just physically but mentally as well. One of the major focuses of the discipline remains to be establishing a concert between the mind and body which is why the importance of breathing is always stressed in the practice. As you concentrate on your breathing, you’re able to train your mind and body to achieve harmony with each other which in turn relaxes you and fills you with strength and energy.


  • Asanas and Pranayamas that you practice during Yoga help work every single nerve, bone, and muscle in your body. As you hold the poses, stretch your muscles, you can feel relaxed, easing out from the tension and soreness caused due to the daily physical activities.
  • Additionally, it goes deeper into the functioning of the body’s inner organs and glands, strengthens them, and enhances your cognitive and natural body processes. As a result, you’re able to have a healthier life, free from the risks of debilitating diseases like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, migraine, thyroid, menstrual disorders, and a lot more.
  • Moreover, as you work on your breathing, you’re able to feel the calm and serenity drive-in and energize your body thus making your focus and concentration better.
  • You can call Yoga the Healthier and Balanced Way of Life. It’s a Lifestyle with all pros and zero cons! So, start Yoga today! And you can do that right away with our Weight Loss Yoga Classes providing you the perfect environment and yoga training at the hands of experienced and certified professionals who’ve been into fitness and yoga for years.

Rakshayog yoga benefits?

Yoga is a Way of Living that Everyone Needs to Follow!

Improved Strength, Balance, and Flexibility :

As you hold the yoga asanas, you can feel the power running like a charge within your body. The longer you hold the poses, the more your muscles strengthen and relax. That makes you stronger and more flexible. Additionally, you’re able to have better control of your body with an improved balance that you develop while concentrating on holding the yoga positions.

Better Control of Your Health and Fitness:

Yoga works its magic on the overall body. As you practice this discipline, you can experience a boost in your fitness level. The practice is great for your heart health, bones, muscles, glands, and every single internal and external organ. It improves your overall body functioning which means that you can have better control of your health and fitness.

Sleep Solution

Yoga is an amazing therapy for sleep as well, which is natural considering that it helps relax your mind and body. Research has shown that a few minutes of a Yoga routine just before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster and you sleep like a baby, without any troubles or worries crossing your mind and disturbing you.


Better Control of Your Mind:

Yoga seeks to achieve harmony between the mind and the body. As you concentrate on your breathing and go into holding the poses, you’re able to achieve better control of your mind which results in improving your focus and concentration and you can do your activities with higher proficiency.

Releases Stress

Not only does Yoga help relax your body muscles and free them from soreness and tension, but it’s a great stress buster as well. When you’re practicing yoga, you’re observing your breathing and the entire process energizes you. It helps you experience peace, calm, and serenity, and you’re able to shut out your worries. With the stress released, you feel higher on the energy and have brighter moods.

Balance hormones

Yoga is the discipline that helps practice self-care and self-love with minimal effort and lots of enjoyment. It’s the energy you want to feel passing through every cell of the body and charging you up for a happy, healthy, and long life!

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