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The Word Yoga Comes from Indian Philosophy…

About the Founder

Rakhsa chandravanshi is a founder of rakhshayog. Yoga is her passion and she became a professionalize in yoga technique. She trained most of the people and helping in their health issues with teaches yoga exercise.The journey has been started on 5 September 2018 , suddenly the day when idea came into her mind to starting some basic yoga technique. Her mind is focuses on positivity and peacefulness with yoga practices and she have to decided be a yoga teacher. She think why not spread this technique. She wanna guide to the people to do daily exercise and pranayam. Already more then 1000 people are connected. She teaches at national as well as international levels. She have connected with yoga practices more then four years and feel very proud to be a part of this culture because of meditation and pranayam our soul is deeply connect with us. No one express that feeling which can feel in deeply meditation. She really got to know the perfect meaning of yoga and meditation by regularly practices. With yoga technique she help many people for balance hormone, reduces strees and hypertension, weight loss, cure diabetes and many more health issues.

More About Us

Our aim is to gonna for everyone healthy. Even everybody can do yoga and good workout on regular basis and fit their body. Now a days everyone busy with its own schedule no one have time for Overselve. Over fully motive that every person join with us and creat their life healthy and free from all their deceases, stress or any anxity. Heartly we want to connect many more person and solve their problem with our yoga techniques.


Why Do Yoga?

Most of the reasons why we should include yoga in our daily activities

power yoga for weight loss

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We conduct many trainers for every person. They have already traines with all yoga techniques. You should come, meet and train yourself for your healthy life.

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Contact with us freely for more detail information, take our free demo classes and practice all yoga techniques. Join with us for your health benefits.