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Weight Loss Yoga Classes

  • Join Raksha Yog For Weight Loss Yoga Classes. Everyone seeks a healthy
    lifestyle, however, excessive weight often comes as a roadblock in achieving
    this goal. Obesity and excessive weight come as a major health concern for
    many people and a person who’s even slightly on the overweight side
    constantly stressed about losing those extra pounds and having a healthier
    body profile and BMI.

● Do you see yourself as one such person? If you said yes, you’ve tried a
million ways to cut out that extra fat clinging to your body and you might have been pretty successful at that, however, the results might not be satisfactory or it might be that the weight keeps coming back once you stop putting in the efforts!

● Well, weight loss is a struggle for all and many often tend to give up midway
through the journey, but have you ever thought about Yoga for Weight Loss?

● Yoga is an age-old practice followed all around the world. The discipline is
rightly called as a healthy way of life which helps you develop yourself in all
aspects. It’s a spiritual, mental, and physical practice that helps shape a better
version of self.

● Yoga brings strength and flexibility to your body. As you do the asanas and
pranayamas, you can focus on your body postures, breathing, and practically
work every single part of your body. The results? Your body gains momentum
and strength, your muscles relax and get toned, your metabolism becomes
stronger, and that’s all a step forward towards achieving healthy weight loss.

● At Raksha Yog, we help you achieve these results with our Yoga Classes in Indore which are a well-planned programme to help lose those extra pounds
and have a much better feeling about your health, fitness, as well as


How Does Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

● One of the major factors about losing weight and not letting the lost pounds come back to you is in the fact that you work on the core issues concerning your body. It’s not just about cutting out the fat, it’s more about looking at the
deeper aspects, finding the core problem that’s causing you to gain weight, and working on eliminating the same.

● Most of the time, it’s the weaker body metabolism that causes weight gain. Other problems could be lifestyle, medications, hormonal imbalance, diseases
like PCOD/PCOS, thyroid, etc., and there are many more reasons. Whenyou’re talking about weight loss, these are the issues that you need to work on rather than blindly following a diet and work out routine.

Yoga is a practice that helps work on eliminating these issues at best. Yoga works the overall body and has miraculous benefits. It simulates balanced
hormone secretion while also working on enhancing the internal organs
functioning. Additionally, it strengthens the body metabolism and you’re able
to achieve another level of strength, flexibility, and energy. As these changes
happen within your body, you’re easily able to experience weight loss.

● The different forms of yoga in the discipline also help plan the perfect yoga
routine for weight loss. While most asanas and pranayamas are associated
with mindfulness and yoga strongly focuses on achieving a concort between
the body and mind, there are disciplines like Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga
which are more powerful and physical in practice and strongly work the bones
and muscles for higher strength and energy.

● As you practice these yoga forms, your body is constantly on the go, you keep
transitioning from one pose to another, and that’s great for burning calories.
Moreover, these forms are best to improve and strengthen the body’s
metabolism, and strong and fast metabolism is the ultimate key to achieving
healthy weight loss.

● When your metabolism is strong, you can digest the food faster and stay
higher on the energy. Moreover, you have higher stamina for work which
means you’ll be able to work with more energy and enthusiasm, and that’s
going to help with weight loss.

● Restorative Yoga is also an amazing way to lose weight and research has
shown that many people, especially women have benefited a lot with it in the
fact that they were quickly able to lose abdominal fat.

● Basically, with all forms of Yoga, you’re in for cutting out the fat from your body
and experience weight loss like never before. All you need is the right Yoga
programme to follow which you get with the Weight Loss Yoga Classes at
Raksha Yog. With our certified professionals, you get the best Weight Loss
Yoga Programmes suited to your body type and fitness levels, and you have
power-packed, fun-filled Yoga Sessions which make weight loss a happier
and more enjoyable journey.

● Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey most healthily and
entertainingly? Join our Weight Loss Yoga Class now and Let’s Lose Those
Extra Pounds Forever